Fat Tommy's Sauce

It was the summer of 1971 Fat Tommy hit the road for Illinois to visit family and rediscover his place of birth. The destination was Uncle Bob and Aunt Betty's farm outside the small town of Cameron. A pig roast was planned for the reunion and with 9 brothers and sisters plus extended family it was sure to be a BIG gathering.

Fat Tommy and his Uncle Bob arose at 4:00 AM to start the pig and have a shot of whiskey to set the mood! A tradition that has continued for every family pig roast since. Then came Aunt Betty's secret BBQ sauce. It started with a basic tomato based sauce that Aunt Betty nurtured to perfection with her own blend of spices and flavor. But the real secret as Aunt Betty told it... "Tommy, in every gallon of BBQ sauce you must use one can of Budweiser Beer!"

In 1992 when Fat Tommy became the proud owner of The Cottage Pub & Restaurant in Chambersburg, PA he began catering pig roasts for the Annual Cottage Golf Tournament and other private functions for customers of The Cottage. It was only natural to start with Aunt Betty's "secret recipe" and with a few more spices added "Fat Tommy's BBQ Sauce" was born. The sauce was added to the BBQ menu offerings and as the next few years went on the inspiration of Aunt Betty's secret concoction saw the development of 8 different sauces for chicken wings as well as a Bloody Mary mix.

In 2011, Fat Tommy finally decided it was time to share Aunt Betty's inspiration with all that would find delight in his fun, unique blend of sauces. Please enjoy the site and take part in a family tradition!